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Orbital Welding Machines

Compact power supplies for mechanized TIG orbital welding with a currently unique operating concept and a whole series of other special technical features. In connection with an ORBITALUM orbital weld head, the user is being offered an extremely innovative and economical welding system. In addition to the reliable automatic programming which generates welding parameters by entering the tube diameter, wall thickness, material and welding gas all ORBIMAT CA models also include a FLOW FORCE function to reduce the pre-flow gas time when the weld heads are closed in the standard model and BUP control function with controllable, position-dependent tube internal pressure control as an optional extra.


Automated solutions simplify the entire pipe cutting, bevelling, and welding process. Enhance overall productivity with high-quality and consistent welding of pipes. With advanced control systems and features, our range of welding machines and equipment offer reliable results.

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