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Best Performer of the Year-2022 by Delta Plus
19 January 2023
This prestigious award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, who have gone above and beyond to deliver outstanding results and exceed expectations. We are honored to be recognized by...
January 17, 2022
Steel Fab is the Middle East premier trade show for the Metal Working, Metal Manufacturing, and Steel Fabrication Industry.17th edition of the same was held at Sharjah Expo center from 10th to 13th of January 2022.
Industrial Solutions Training
June 25,2022
The main point of discussion was about Product information helps sales representatives to interact efficiently about the product resulting in client trust and credibility.
Delta Plus Maker Training
June, 2021
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest: Benjamin Franklin. New joiners of MEF Industrial solutions team attended product training at our maker facilities in UAE.
Steel Fab 2019
May 18, 2019
SteelFab is one of the largest events in the metal working, metal manufacturing and steel fabrication industry. The 15th edition SteelFAb Exhibition was held at Sharjah Expo center...
3M Speedglas Training
May 30, 2018
The 3M™ Speedglas™ brand is the world’s leading product line of welding safety and a vital part of 3M’s diverse range of personal protective equipment. MEF started promoting this range of products...
Steel Fab 2018
March 19, 2018
Steel Fab is one of the largest events in the Metal  Working,  Metal  Manufacturing  and Steel Fabrication   Industry. 14th edition of the same  was  held  at  Sharjah  Expo  center...
Doha Exhibition & Convention Center 2023
31 May 2023
Project Qatar 2023 provided an exceptional platform to unveil our latest brands, products, technologies and expertise to a diverse audience of industry professionals, potential clients, and traders. We carefully prepared our exhibition booth...
BLITZ Activity and Demo Program 3M Xtract
December 15, 2021
The high-performance 3M Xtract™ Series clean sanding system is ergonomically designed for ease of use and optimal dust extraction.
3M Industrial & Safety Customer Connect Event 2023
18 Oct 2023
In a dazzling display of innovation and collaboration, our recent 3M Industrial and Safety Customer Connect Event at the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel marked a pivotal moment in redefining industry standards...
3M Workshop Fujairah 2023
20 Nov 2023
Exploring new horizons with the MEF Industrial Solution team! Our collaboration with the 3M team in Fujairah was more than just a workshop - it was a journey into sales, marketing, and in-depth product knowledge on....
The Critical Role of Quality Hand and Head Gear in High-Risk Industries
16 Nov 2023
In this blog, we explore the paramount importance of reliable head and hand protection in high-risk industries. From guarding against potential hazards to fostering a secure work environment, quality gear is the cornerstone of safety and productivity.
Unveiling Crucial Reasons for Using Personal Protective Equipment at Work
16 Nov 2023
In this blog, let's discover the vital reasons why wearing personal protective equipment at work goes beyond compliance—it's a commitment to safety, health, and fostering a culture of well-being.
The Essential Guide to Hydraulic Punchers: How They Work and Their Applications
16 Nov 2023
The use of high-quality tools like hydraulic punchers has revolutionized metal fabrication with precision and efficiency. In this blog, let's delve into the details of how these tools redefine modern manufacturing from clean cuts to versatile applications.
Optimizing Cargo Safety: A Deep Dive into the Benefits of Dunnage Bags
16 Nov 2023
Dunnage is a minor but essential component of packing since it protects almost every kind of cargo during the loading and shipping of items. From firmly packing empty spaces to arranging the cargo to stay in place, dunnage bags have versatile applications.
Maximizing Efficiency and Precision: The Advantages of Pneumatic Tools in Industrial Settings
15 Jan 2024
Discover the transformative advantages of pneumatic tools in industrial settings. From their lightweight design and consistent power output to durability and precision, these tools revolutionize productivity, providing efficient solutions for diverse applications at the best prices.
Ensuring Safety and Efficiency: Best Practices in Operating Steel-Cutting Equipment
15 Jan 2024
Discover the key to safe and efficient steel-cutting equipment operation. From proper training and PPE to meticulous maintenance, this blog outlines essential practices ensuring workplace safety and optimal performance in industrial settings.
Boosting Efficiency: Unveiling the Advantages of QRC Couplings in Industrial Processes
15 Jan 2024
Discover the transformative impact of Quick Release Couplings (QRC) in industrial processes. From seamless fluid transfers to cost savings and enhanced safety measures, explore how these unsung heroes elevate efficiency across diverse applications.
Uses and Benefits of Pipe Bevelling Machines in Various Industries
15 Jan 2024
Discover the uses and applications of pipe bevelling machines across industries. Enhancing welding precision, saving time, ensuring safety, and offering versatility, these machines are indispensable tools for efficient and cost-effective fabrication processes in diverse applications.
8 Jan 2024
“MEF Industrial Solutions stole the spotlight at STEELFAB 2024 in Sharjah Expo Centre, unveiling a stellar lineup of products from Nitto Kohki, 3M, Orbitalum, Deltaplus, Fuji Tools, Graco, Knipex, Kovax, Wera, Martor, Ansell, Weicon, and more...
The Complete Guide to Selecting the Best Gloves Resistant to Heat
21 Feb 2024
Explore our complete guide to finding the perfect heat-resistant gloves tailored to your safety requirements. Whether you're working in the kitchen, industrial settings, or engaging in DIY projects, we cover crucial aspects to help you make informed decisions for maximum hand protection.
Preventing Typical Errors to Ensure Workplace Safety
21 Feb 2024
Learn the art of error prevention for a safer workplace. Our guide delves into common mistakes that compromise safety and offers practical tips to mitigate risks. Prioritize a secure environment by steering clear of typical errors – your guide to error-free workplace safety starts here.
Six Orbital Sander Issues and How to Fix Them
21 Feb 2024
Tackle orbital sander hiccups head-on with our troubleshooting guide. Uncover solutions to six common issues, empowering you to maintain peak performance and achieve flawless sanding results. Don't let problems slow you down – fix them with ease using our expert tips.
Must-Have Tools for Those in DIY Projects
21 Feb 2024
Embark on your DIY journey fully equipped with our must-have tools guide. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, these essential tools ensure you're ready for any home project. From basic repairs to creative endeavors, arm yourself with the tools that make DIY a breeze.
3M Clash of Grinders Event Drydocks World Dubai
09 September 2022
The event was all about speed, performance and safety in Grinding operation. Four competitors were selected from drydocks Fabrication department for the final. At the event participants exhibited their grinding skills, agility and resourcefulness.
MEF-3M Customer Iftar Gathering
April 25, 2022
Ramadan is the time to reflect, celebrate, give, and uphold the spirit of community. In a joyful Ramadan atmosphere, MEF organized an Iftar party for 3M customers on 25th of April at Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai.
Winning the 3M Xtract demo challenge
June 20, 2022
Mr. Nareshkumar (INDUSTRIAL SOLUTION) was awarded first in the UAE for the 3M Xtract Demo and Win Challenge in the month of January 2022.
Steel FAB Exhibition 2023 Sharjah Expo Center
12 January 2023
That Steel Fab is the foremost trade event for the metal working industry in the UAE and the Middle East is a known fact. Now, with the UAE government adopting policies to speed up digital transformation of the industrial sector in the country..
Knipex Technical Training
March 19, 2018
A leading official distributor for Knipex Germany in UAE. We sell and promote best quality Knipex products. Our employees are officially trained by the experts.
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